Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eye Candy for the Soul

I'm a that a word, now? I think it means: One who is addicted to pinning! Pinterest is definitely my favorite website. Because I'm using it to help market my ETSY shop, I don't feel guilty about the time I spend on it! And I get to look at lots and lots of art and pretty pictures. It is absolutely 'eye candy for the Soul'. There are SO many talented, creative people in the's awe inspiring!

Here is a snapshot of one of my Pinterest Boards titled, "Collage and Mixed Media" .... click on it and check out the rest of the pins or any of my other Boards!

But, now that they have "Secret Boards": Boards only you can see or invite a few others to view. I've started using those boards to keep some of my lists organized. For example, I had little Post-Its all over my office, on my desk, pinned to my corkboard, etc. Now, I've thrown all of those away.....yay! I can now find them on my Secret Board, titled, "BOOKS to READ". Now, I not only have a list, but can see the book covers at a glance.....a necessary thing for this visually-oriented person. :)

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