Cape Cod Life

So fortunate to be living in this creative, Nature mecca! Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a peninsula that sticks out of the East coast like a bent arm. It is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth. If it's not raining, my dog, Napoleon and I are either hiking in the Punkhorn or walking on the beach....all year round!

Early Fall, it's like we have the whole beach to ourselves......paradise.

We live on the edge of the Punkhorn Parklands and Nature is everywhere!!

On back porch.....I love the way she turned her head and looked right at me for the photo

Taken with my I-Phone....just another gorgeous sunset on the bay side

I find all kinds of things on the beach....some I use in my art work....this is its own piece of art

Next door neighbors have so many blueberry trees, we have to help them pick....poor us! :)

This is one side of the Herring's so peaceful, except when they are actually running!

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