Scrapping the Past

It's never too late
I never had time to Scrap when my son was younger. But, I have SO many photos and ephemera from his childhood, I knew I would eventually. Since I sell digital products that help make Scrap pages unique and special, and I like to show examples with my products, it just made sense to start scrapping the past. I will eventually put all of these pages in a book for a special gift. To be clear, all of MY Scrap pages are created digitally. But, my products can be used to make traditional Scrap pages as well.

Historic treasure trove
I'm also planning to put a book together (for family members) of my father's life in pictures. He passed away in August and it was my job to put all of his childhood pics on display. My mother had put together a traditional album for my grandmother many, many year ago. It was an historic treasure of my great, great grandparents! So, I will be scrapping these as well.

Grandmother's sweetheart
On one page of this amazing album, was a picture of my grandmother when she was around 21 years old, holding an American flag. On the same page was a picture of a handsome, young man in a WWI uniform. There was also a note, probably written in my Great Uncle's handwriting that said, "The emblem her sweetheart was fighting for," and the date that this handsome young man died. I stopped what I was doing and created a Scrap page. These are the kinds of stories that must not be lost!

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