My Art Bowls

My First Love
I'll never forget the birthday gift my girlfriend gave me in 7th grade. It was a big, beautiful book about Origami. I was always an "artsy-crafty" girl, but this was exciting. Of course, I went right to the "animal" section and made seahorses and gave them to my friends. I collected hundreds of gum wrappers....yes, I chewed ALL the gum....and made many 6' paper chains and hung them in my doorway. Hey, it was the 70s! So, my love of paper art started WAY back and I'm still learning today.

Paper Art Bowls
It started with someone asking me if I could teach some Arts and Crafts classes. I thought Paper Bowls would be the way to go as I had an abundance of beautiful papers and the glue dries pretty fast. I seem to be addicted to the process, because I can't stop making bowls!

Just made these in time for the holidays....more to come! :)

Star-shaped Painted Tissue Paper Bowl

Season's Greetings Tissue Paper Bowl

These are hand-painted tissue paper nesting bowls

Painted papers, scanned and printed onto tissue paper....lit with faux votive

Used our napkins to make a matching bowl

Made with dress pattern tissue paper, fiber tissue and thread

Created with painted paper towels, then painted again

Combined fiber tissue paper with meshed ribbon

Combined lime green tissue paper and hand-painted paper towels

Combined fiber tissue paper and fern leaves

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