Digital Collage

I have been creating Digital Collages since the early 90s. It was in its infancy and I felt very much on the outside of the art world. It was looked on as photography was in the early days....NOT art. So, I sold my art that I called Digital Mixed Media, through arts and craft shows. I feel like I've come full circle and consider myself a true Mixed Media artist.

I consider the computer as one of the "medias" that I work with. And I have plenty of "hybrid" pieces. But, these collages are all created 100% digitally, i.e.: either with my digital camera, scanner, I-phone, and or I-pad....usually a mix of 2 or more.

PhotoShop: used my photo, several of my digital stamps and a French poem

PhotoShop: My photos and digital stamps....inspired by quote

This was my first and ONLY "digital" journal page. I love doing digital scrapbooking, but my journaling is traditional mixed media. I was inspired by Stacy Duplease's quote and then added  another quote because Nature is such a large part of my life. The background is scanned from paint and gesso and everything else is from my digital stamp collection. Oh yeah, the image (photo) of "me" was taken a long time ago and I turned it into a sketch.

Collage of several different photos I took in yes, OMG......Monet's Garden!!!!!

Birthday gift from husband: Trip to London and Paris....most wonderful time of our lives!

One of my 50 Creative Prompts ... use the first letter of your name in a design!

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