Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another Crafty Mishap

Where there is experimentation, there will be mistakes. It's apparently the best way for me to learn! I wanted to make another gelli plate, but a 5" x 7" one. I found 2 tin containers (for free!) that I thought would work perfectly. HA!

The circular dish at top is for making an 8" x 8" gelli plate

 I followed the recipe to the letter (I have since changed my recipe, so will post that another time). Then I proceeded to pour into containers. It was at this moment that the heating service man showed up at my door and I walked him down to the basement. By the time I got back to the kitchen the "recipe" was all over the top of my electric stove.

Yes, actually took a photo before I started cleaning - entire surface covered in gelatin and glycerine!

I didn't panic because:
1. my husband wasn't home....LOL! and
2. I knew it wouldn't do any, pretty sure.

I just couldn't decide if I should scoop up and try to remove immediately or wait to solidify. I decided to scoop NOW. It actually started to solidify or "gelatinize" pretty quickly, so although time consuming, very doable.

So, this all could have been avoided if I had paid even a little attention to the containers that "HELLO!" had holes in them....really? The silver lining is, it made me do more research, which in turn made me realize that I had the PERFECT containers in a box in the basement. Plastic (3D) photo holders.....I have MANY and lots of 5" x 7"s.

The "recipe" leftover from the top of my stove was used again and put in the proper container. All I had to do was nuke for a minute or so.

More on making homemade gelli plates later!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Can you say MAJOR redesign??

I realized that my Digi Art Blog did not reflect my life or everything I was blogging about. Instead of having 2 or more blogs, I knew it would be easier for me to combine everything. My art life is so much more than my ETSY Shop. I am a typical Mixed-Media artist, in that I am obsessed and addicted to many, many kinds of media. Please do NOT ask me to choose just one!

Sometimes it feels like I'm going in SO many directions, I wonder if I'm crazy. Then I read other blogs by mixed-media artists and I realize either we're ALL crazy or we are just doing what we do best: Mixing up the media!