Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gelli Plate Art Date

In November, I visited my friend Diann who happens to be a very talented artist. One place you can find her is in the book, "Incite 2".... she's on page 11!!  Way to go, Diann! :)

Diann and I met in an abstract painting class and we hit it off right away. It was an amazing class filled with very talented people and taught by my favorite teacher, Mellissa Morris. Not surprisingly, everyone was or wanted to be an abstract painter. Diann and I were the only mixed-media artists! I learned SO much in that class and hope to take another class some day with Mellissa.

So back to my visit. Diann wanted to learn more about the Gelli plate and I have been obsessed with it for most of the year. (I have several blog posts that are Gelli plate related!) So I packed up my gelli printing stuff including a homemade gelli plate that I wanted Diann to experiment with. I also brought my 8x10 gelli plate for comparison. (future blog post on that!)

So, time flew as it always does when creating. A few hours later we had a stack of gelli prints, paint all over our hands and smiles on our faces. Can't wait for the next Gelli Plate Art Date! In my gelli mania I forgot to take more pics! :) (pics below: Diann in action and print result)

gelli plate art print

gelatin printing art

gelli plate art date

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