Monday, March 9, 2015

Citrasolv Mixed Media Collages

It's SO wonderful that Digital Art has finally come into its own. I recently had one of my digital pieces hanging in an art show....something I thought I'd never see. Today, I received an email from the Artist's Network and found they did a blog post: Explore the World of Digital Art.

Right now, I'm creating Digital Mixed Media Collages using Citrasolv papers I have scanned into my computer. Everything you need to know about making Citrasolv art is here:  (warning...creating these papers is addictive!)

Many artists create pieces with the actual Citrasolv papers...adding images or deleting ink, etc. But, I like to work with them in Photoshop. If there is text left over or something I don't like I can clone it out. Quite often I will work with hue, saturation and blending modes to manipulate color.

citra solv art paper

This Citrasolv paper has not been manipulated in Photoshop, yet.

Artists who make these papers know that they are not only beautiful abstractions in their own right, but quite often they will see images (people, landscapes, objects, etc.) in the shapes and shadows and an idea for a new piece emerges.

I have been creating my own digital stamps and brushes for years and have amassed hundreds of them. I create them in Photoshop from photographs or scanned images...many from Nature. These come in handy when I'm creating collages as so many of my pieces are Nature-themed. And sometimes I also use actual photographs, like the butterfly in the collage below. I've also been writing Haikus for years and am now incorporating them into my pieces as well. Sometimes I write a new poem, sometimes a Haiku inspires a new piece.

An Artist is Born ©Kitti Scibelli, 2015

The collage below was created with 3 different Citrasolv of which was the inspiration for the whole piece. The bottom part of the collage, the "sand" reminded me of how the beach looks after a storm and how devastating the erosion.

citra solv collage

Crooked Shacks on a Cliff ©Kitti Scibelli, 2015

Nine times out of ten, there will be a bird in one of my collages. I love them, feed them, photograph them and am fascinated by them. Usually a collage doesn't feel finished until I've added a bird. This collage perfectly expresses what I feel every time a new Citrasolv creation emerges: Serendipity!

citra solv paper art

Serendipity ©Kitti Scibelli, 2015


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