Monday, June 30, 2014

The Journey of One Mixed Media Piece

In my June 13th blog post, I talked about how my digital art world and my live mixed media art world collide on a regular basis. The journey of this next mixed media piece is a great example!

It started with a Gelli Plate print
I'm definitely in my "Blue, Green, Purple" art phase. All of my art right now seems to have those colors in them. So I grabbed those colors of acrylic paint and started playing with my Gelli Plate and textures again! (see my Gelli print blog posts on May 17th and May 23rd) This is what I got when I monoprinted to 140lb. watercolor paper and then scanned it:

Next up: Labels
Then, I printed out onto Avery labels. Not my idea, read it somewhere and thought it was a cool idea! I have lots of old labels hanging around and what a great way to use them! First thing I did, is scan the 12 labels into the computer and made new Mixed-Media Washi Tapes for my ETSY Shop.
Washi Tape Uses
Just a quick side note: See my Washi Tape blog post, February 12, 2014. The bird card below was made digitally with the above washi tapes.

Back to the "real" world
Since I had scanned the original art, I was comfortable chopping it up. This was not always the case!! A friend of mine made her business cards out of some original mixed media collage art....I thought it was a great idea and this piece would be perfect for that. You can add your name and info anywhere you want.

Last, but not least
Here is what's left of the label sheet after I peeled the "washi tape" off. So, I have the 12 pieces of washi tape that I can use in my collages, journals, etc. AND, I have these cool pieces of stickiness that I can also use. I will be able to show you HOW I use them in a future blog.

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