Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun with my I-Phone

I have wanted a macro lens for my SLR for years, but thought they were too expensive. I happened upon a site that talked about taking macro pictures with my I-Phone. I thought, is this for real? I researched it and bought one that day.....the OLLOCLIP 4 in 1 lens. (there are other lens options:

The 4 lens package includes: Fisheye (wouldn't normally go looking for that kind), Wide Angle, and 2 Macros: 10x and 15x. Have I been having fun!!! Keep in mind I'm a big fan of "abstraction" and it takes a lot of practice with BOTH Macro lenses. I think the closeups of flowers are reminiscent of Georgia Okeefe's flower paintings.


For the best (non-blurry) shots they recommend a tripod. I just bought the "GLIF" for my I-Phone 4, they have an upgrade if you have an I-Phone 5. The "GLIF" attaches to your I-Phone and has the attachment you need for the tripod. I haven't had time to try the tripod....but, hope to on a trip I'm about to take to NC, and will blog about that when I get back! :)


 I have learned a surprising amount about taking pictures with my I-Phone from this guy:, but you can google "iphoneography" and see what you find!

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