Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Good Addiction: Art Journals

 Art Journals are a good habit for so many reasons, but what they are really helping ME with is my fear of my art not being perfect right off the bat and making mistakes. They have freed me to throw paint down intuitively and see what happens, if I don't like it.....I cover it up.

When I started playing with my gelli plate, I wanted to use the leftover paint on my roller after every print. Some of the artists on YouTube would roll the paint on scrap paper, etc. and then put them together to make a journal. But, I thought it would be fun to roll the paint right into the Art Journals. The paint does dry fast, but occasionally it's a bigger gob that takes longer to dry, so a few pages get stuck together. I could leave them stuck together or pull them apart and work with the cool looking rip which is what I usually do.

These 3 journals are really a journey of exploration as I experiment with shapes, designs and stencils on the gelli plate. One journal is any and all colors I want to play with. My second journal is just different shades of browns and blues which is one of my favorite color combinations. Another combination... I love even more....is greens, blues and purples. That is the theme of my third journal.  None of these pages are finished, they are just beginning and most have no inking, doodling or writing.

These 3 pages are from the blue and brown themed journal. I picked up a pack of plastic number stencils for $1 at the Dollar Store and played with those, along with the rubber comb thingy (forgot what it's called) and one of my favorite masks right now.....the female nude.

My other favorite mask is my bird. I need to make other birds, so I have variety. I have no idea where this page is going, but I love it so far. Pens used on the 2 pages below: Faber-Castell large white and Sakura gelly roll (love them!) in blue and black.

This page below is the furthest along. I grabbed this journal and my pens and headed to the beach. All of the pages have paint on them, so most are ready to be doodled and journaled on which is great when you're traveling. I like to make my own stencils and masks and the figure below is my "female nude" stamp. 

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