Friday, June 13, 2014

The Computer is one of my Art Mediums!

These past few weeks as I've been journaling, designing, and watching YouTube finally dawned on me. The name of my blog could imply that all I do is digital work. I actually named this blog first, before I changed the name of my ETSY Shop, "The Digital Stash" where I DO sell only digital art supplies...

But, this blog is about SO much more. It's about the creative process....which for me has involved both live and digital processes since 1990 when I bought my first digital camera. For me, one feeds and inspires the other. So that's why I changed the design of the header, focusing on many of my artistic avenues, but kept the blog name.

If you think of the computer as an art medium, it makes perfect sense that it inspires me in other mediums and vice versa. Here's an example...

I discovered how to make really cool textured papers with a technique using "Citra Solv" on "National Geographic" magazines. This particular technique has been around for at least 4 years....going by the oldest YouTube video....but, I've just discovered it and OMG am I having a creative blast!
So, I've made some amazing looking papers.....what's the first thing I do? Scan them! Before I do anything with them, including accidentally spilling coffee on them, etc.....I scan and save them for eternity.....yes! Now what? Well, I figure if I think these papers are amazing, other people will too. So I've been putting collections together, sort of by color theme and offering them as packages in my ETSY shop.
I also made a package grayscale so they could be used as overlays with blending modes. I think I'll have to do a blog post on all the cool things you can do with overlays!
And another way my inspiration crosses multiple mediums....I seem to be really attracted to the blues, greens and purples (have I ever NOT been?). So, the package of "Citra Solv" papers I put up today have those hues!
I will be talking more about this technique, the results and the uses for these papers (both live and digital) in future blog posts because this is my latest addiction!

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