Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Painted Paper Bowls

While I was writing my last blog post (October 20) about the different ways to make paper bowls, I realized I needed a pic of one in progress. So, I blew up a balloon and grabbed the closest thing....scraps of painted paper towels. These were unintentional paintings....just haphazard cleanup during my gelli print making crazes. Here's the pic I posted...

Well, I had to finish it....so I glued more painted paper towels down. As mentioned in previous post, putting a rock or something heavy inside the plastic cup is very important. Otherwise, like me, you'll drop it, get glue on the floor and hair and goodness knows what else on the balloon. :)  Another thing I learned working with paper towels...they soak up a lot more glue than tissue paper. Again, the recipe I use is (3 parts) clear Elmer's to 1 part water.

Don't you love the texture on this? Maybe you notice the dripping marks on the bottom of the balloon. Well, I wasn't thrilled with all the white spots left on the painted towels, so I did 3 drippings of acrylic paint: (My Studio) Lily Pad Green, Mediterranean Blue, Purple. Love these colors! Had no idea how it would turn out, but the pick above is right after the drippings. Then I thought, I better seal this....so once it was dry I covered it in Golden's Regular Gel Gloss.

So now it's a little shinier. I love the color combinations and from a distance you can't even tell it's made out of paper. But, it's quite sturdy! No paper bowl is complete without a votive. You can put anything you want in them. But, I love the light shining through. SO, the votive picture did not work. I tried a couple of things and am not thrilled with the way it looks, but I wanted you to see the bowl's transparent areas where the paper is thinner.....which gave me a cool idea for the future!

Here is the bowl over an open bulb in the ceiling.....now it's a lamp! No, this would be dangerous!!!

Here is the bowl underneath my "natural" light lamp. It looks other-wordly!

Here is a closeup of the inside of the bowl

Pretty on the inside and out!

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