Friday, October 24, 2014

"Art, Play, Love" Citrasolv Contest

This washi card made with Citrasolv papers received an "Honorable Mention"

Have you heard about Citrasolv Art yet? It's been around for awhile....don't know who came up with the process, but they're brilliant!  Citrasolv is an all natural degreaser. When you paint or spray National Geographic pages with it....they dissolve in the coolest possible way. Basically, you are creating abstract art. (see my posts on July 25 and June 13 for more details)

I love the smell of this citrus concentrated cleaner, but it can be quite powerful

It's the clay based paper or ink that makes this process work. Doesn't work with mags before 1970

Half the fun is finding the National Geographic magazines. I found my first bunch on EBAY for a very good price. But, I have been finding free ones ever since. Thanks to my mom for keeping an eye out for me, too! Check your library's magazine free bin, or your nearest Transfer Station. I always check there, because I found a stack of 11 magazines there once!! In the future I'm hoping to teach classes on this process. It's so much fun because you don't know what's going to happen or how each page will turn out.

Below are three other entries I made into the "ART, PLAY, LOVE" contest this summer.

If you go to you will find an "artist support" section that explains all the ways you can use Citrasolv artistically. They also sponsor contests about 4 times a year. I entered one this past summer and received an "Honorable Mention". I am beyond thrilled and, of course, have entered another contest. :) They'll be a post on that in the near future.

If you're looking for Citrasolv, the quickest way to get it (without shipping) is your nearest health food store.

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