Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun with Transfers

There are all kinds of ways to transfer images onto a substrate. Which technique (and glue) you use depends on whether you are trying to transfer from a magazine, book, photograph, etc. and what substrate you are transferring the image on to. For your specific needs, I feel quite certain that you can find a YOUTUBE video to walk you through the process. Kudos to ALL the people on YOUTUBE who unselfishly share all of their knowledge!!

I like using both methods but there can be a big difference. If you transfer and are using the original right out of magazine, book or newspaper .... the image (and type) will be backwards. I don't mind this because it's usually unreadable by the time I'm finished becomes more of a texture effect. Hey, maybe you like your text backwards! Also, there is transparency, meaning you can see some of what's underneath the transfer. But, if you want it readable you can just rip and glue right onto the substrate. You can also photograph or scan into computer and reverse image. I find that the simplest and most reliable transfer is done with a toner copy. So, if you don't have a toner printer, just find your nearest copy machine. There are YOUTUBE videos that show how to transfer INK JET prints, so check them out.

I use my art journals for experimentation - no worries - if I don't like the end result, I just cover it with gesso or paint or maybe more paper. Which I will be doing in the future! Here are some of my experiments with newsprint transfers and paper pulls.

This is newsprint on top of a color photo transfer out of magazine

This is a newsprint transfer on top of paint

This is multiple transfers of newsprint using different glues to figure out what works best

I love working with images and words from magazines. Since I purposely don't transfer a perfect image....there are no copyright never looks like the original when I'm done. I can't pay for ALL the magazines I like to use, so I get FREE ones at the TRANSFER STATION and the library has a bin, too. I have found some REALLY cool images this way. :)

I loved this pattern and wanted to save it, so I scanned it into my computer for more uses

Then I transferred it onto a painted page. I cannot wait to try this again!

You can also transfer with Citrasolv. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it looks super easy and very reliable. I will be trying it in the future and post about it! This woman does a great job of explaining the process in her video:

Okay, I have more, but this blog is getting too long.....stay tuned for Fun with Transfers 2!

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