Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blue Collage on Skin

I'm a neat graphic designer, but I'm a very messy artist!

Like most artists, I get lost in the creating. When I'm immersed in the process, no one and nothing is safe from my inky, gessoed, painterly splatters. Just ask my dog.

My abstract painting professor taught me the importance of having all your tools, supplies, paints, etc. set up on the table in an organized fashion. I do this. But, as I'm working ideas pop into my head and I'm always adding more tools and supplies to the mix (can you say art hoarder?) until my table is unrecognizable. And when you're working with the Gelli plate, you better find the stencil or texture you are looking for pretty fast before the plate dries. This leads me to toss, drop and pile items anywhere there is space until my Studio looks like it was ransacked by a burglar. :)

A dried Gelli plate, by the way, is NOT the end of the world! It could lead to wondrous creations, or could simply be wiped clean with a baby wipe.

So, when you can't find the paper towels because they fell on the floor and rolled under the table, you use your hands. I am not afraid to get dirty!

I do believe artists see art everywhere and when I was done with my Gelli plate creations, I realized I had been using my hand as a blotter. I call this: "Blue Collage on Skin" ... LOL!!!

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