Friday, May 23, 2014

I've learned SO much on YouTube

I'm a big fan of watching How-to art videos on YouTube. Apparently, this is one of my many addictions. (more on Art Addictions later!) I highly recommend finding art and/or techniques that you are interested in and start watching.....I have learned SO much. I have several regular artists that I watch, but I'm a big fan of Patti Tolley Parish....she's talented AND hilarious! (a great combination). She keeps me company while I'm's like she's in the studio with me. :)

Right now Patti is obsessed with Gelli plate printing and I know why. Once you start you don't want to stop! I've been a student of monoprinting and collagraph printing for a couple of decades, but never got really into it in my studio. Well, thank you to whomever invented this Gelli plate...I'm a monoprinting maniac!

Here is link to Patti Parish's YouTube channel:

One of Patti's video shows how to use packing tape with the Gelli plate to make beautiful art to incorporate into collages, art journals, collage, etc. What was so exciting for me, is it worked the first time I tried it, and that's not often the case. :)

Here is the painted gelli plate before I pull up the 4 pieces of packing tape. Most of the marks were made with stuff around the house/studio, except for 2 stamps:

Here are the 4 pieces of packing tape after I adhered them to tin foil. The back of the tape stays sticky until you put some sort of backing on it. But, you could also just stick these down onto a collage or other art piece. As you can see, I laid them onto the table out of order:

I've been working on several journals, so hope to be able to share soon....have a great weekend!

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