Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shame on me! It's been 3 months since my last blog post!

Hello to whomever may still be out there! :)
I promise I am not giving up on this Blog. I have so many posts in my head...

But, life does get in the way sometimes....and I'm not the amazing multitasker I used to be.

We packed up half of our house in preparation to move to a fabulous condo. The sale of our house (through no fault of our own) fell through. We lost our fabulous condo. I love our house and we don't have to move.....yet. :) So, I wasn't that upset.....but, now I have to keep my house clean for showing.....yikes!

So, having cleaned and organized (and packed) my studio.....I was afraid to bring out the paints, etc. and mess it up again. Well, the crankiness took a hold of me and I just couldn't stand myself anymore (I won't tell you what my husband said!) So, I'm back to messing up my studio and having a blast!

Got a GELLI PLATE not too long ago and finally got to play with it! I've been a student of printmaking for many years.....this just makes it SO much easier, faster and fun!!! I'll definitely be talking more about Gelli Plates in the future......hope to get more in different sizes.

What I'm doing right now, is filling up my one of my Art Journals with Gelli Plate experiments. My Gelli Plate is 8x10 and I'm using mostly cheap acrylic liquid "My Studio" and "Americana"....which they had a sale not too long ago! What I discovered very quickly is the TYPE of PAPER is crucial for good prints. Copy paper does not work! I'm using mixed media paper and watercolor paper right now. There are LOTS of papers (and fabrics) that work with the Gelli Plate....check out the tutorials online! (will write about those next blog)

The first pic is ink right on the gelli plate with stampings and my mark making.
The second image is 2 gelli plate prints right into my art journal (from 1 gelli painting)
The third image is  a gelli plate print using an Asian font stamp and my mark making.

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