Saturday, August 6, 2016

Prisma App - I love you!

Art Photography Prisma App

The 100 Day Challenge

I also participated in the #the100daychallenge - which challenged people to create every single day for 100 days. It sounds daunting, but really can be accomplished in no more than 15 minutes per day, depending on your medium.

Arting for 100 Days

I tried to make it easier on myself by calling my challenge #artingfor100days - which left the kind of creating I did open ended. I am a mixed-media artist after all... so I have quite an eclectic 100 creations!

Prisma App Art Filters

Prisma, the Wonder App

I did all of my posting on Instagram and really enjoyed viewing and chatting with the other artists and creatives! I learned many things over the 100 days including discovery of a newer APP called Prisma!  Be forewarned, it is highly addictive! (isn't all Art?) I really love the painterly and abstraction filters...

Prisma App Art Filters

Prisma App Filters

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