Monday, August 8, 2016

It's a Wrap for #ICAD2016

This was my very first #ICAD2016, but it will not be my last. A big thank you to Tammy Garcia who started the Index Card Challenge 6 years ago. Here's her FB ICAD2016 link:

I started a Mixed Media Artists Group here on Cape Cod (MA). And that's how I found out about the Challenge!! It's just what I needed to stretch and push my Creative muscles. :) I also posted on Instagram every day and met a lot of amazing artists and photographers. It was a really great experience to share my Art, get feedback and give feedback to others.

index card mixed media art

An Art teacher once told me that one way to grow as an artist is to work in a series. Now I know why. Thanks to the ICAD Challenge I have grown and am really looking forward to next year's challenge!

#ICAD2016 challenge

After creating 61 Index Cards, I wanted to display them all, which is pretty much impossible. But, I had recently put up a kind of clothesline to dry some artwork and thought I would put up all the cards with clothespins and then take photos and a video. Of course, as I was putting the last few up....the wind picked up!

I can't get the Video to load here on Blogger .... will figure it out eventually, but if you haven't seen it, I posted it on Instagram:

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  1. I like the different looks you achieved. Would like to learn more about the index card challenge (link wouldn't work for me).