Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Citrasolv Contest

So, it's actually been a month since my last Blog Post....good grief! I've taken on more responsibilities and am trying to put myself and my Art "out there" more. And, of course, the holidays are upon us. Once they are over, I hope to get back on a regular schedule. Below is my dated blog about the Citrasolv Halloween contest. (spoiler alert: I received Honorable Mention for the second piece!) I was thrilled...and will be entering more contests. :)

If you've been reading this blog, or you're related to me, you know I'm a Citrasolv Artist and I love creating art with the cool looking abstract pages AND entering some of my pieces into their contests.

Their latest contest is titled: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" ... it's a spooky, halloween-inspired contest. I highly recommend checking out their website and viewing all of the past contest winners' pieces: http://www.citrasolv.com/art/index.html

I entered 3 pieces in this contest. The originals were scanned into PhotoShop and altered accordingly. I have always been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe - he certainly knows fear - so I used quotes from his novels, short stories and poems to inspire these pieces. They are going to pick 5 winners who will receive a Citra Solv Treat Basket filled with seasonal goodies & Citra Solv products for spooky stains & gruesome grime. Woo hoo! Wish me luck!

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