Thursday, April 21, 2016

The First Week of #the100dayproject

The 100 Day Project ...

started April 19th and runs through July 27th. Each day you post a new piece of some kind of art or creation on Instagram with both the "project hashtag" and one that defines your uploads. Mine is #ARTINGfor100days...

Being a Mixed-Media artist, I couldn't decide on ONE thing that I wanted to do for 100, I decided to post something DIFFERENT every day. To me, that is a challenge.

DAY 1 -
I'm away from home most of the day and all I have is my iphone. Took a few photos in black and white and then used a filter in Instagram:


Another busy day away from home - very unusual for me. I went down to my Studio for inspiration and found a pile of deli papers I had experimented with a new Alcohol Ink technique. I picked my favorite one and decided to doodle on it with a blue and a white gel pen:


DAY 3 -
I spent part of the day preparing for an Alcohol Ink demo for my Cape Cod Mixed Media group on Saturday. I had recently purchased a set of adorable white ceramic glazed pears. I decided to use Alcohol Ink on one of them to show the group some of the possibilities with these amazing inks!


DAY 4 -
Took a cell phone pic while walking my dog. Later on I decided to work on it with my I-Pad art apps. Something I don't do often enough. Then I decided since it was day 4 of the project, I'd focus in on that number. The first photo is the original from my cell phone.

DAY 5 -
My Art Journaling group decided to experiment with some transfer techniques. This was my favorite. I took one of my photos from our trip to Monet's Gardens. This was his house which is now a museum. I made a toner copy and then transferred it onto watercolor paper with Citrasolv.


DAY 6 -
I created this during an Alcohol Ink demo with my Mixed Media group. I was trying to show them the ink and deli paper technique mentioned above. I put too much ink down and decided to stick one of the white ceramic glazed tiles onto it....basically transferring the extra ink to the tile. I loved the effect!

DAY 7 -
My girlfriend, Karen came back from Puerto Rico with a huge bag of gorgeous Sea Glass...some really big pieces, too! So, I took a photo with my iphone and will use the glass in a mixed media piece........some day. :)


Because of #the100dayproject I'm learning that I'm either going to come up with something wildly new for me each day OR I'll actually finish some projects.....WIN-WIN!


  1. Hi Kitti, love your photos and artwork. Look forward to seeing more during ICAD 2016!

  2. Thanks Tania....I'm looking forward to ICAD 2016, too!!! :)