Friday, February 12, 2016

New Gelatin Plate Company

Have you guys heard of GEL PRESS? They're a new gelatin plate making company. Yay! I love options and I can't wait to try theirs which they say shows a little more detail like a homemade gelatin plate. I love detail and texture, so I can't wait!

They have a call out to designers and I sent in an application with photos....wish me luck!

Here are a few of my Gelatin Printing creations:

gelli printing on wood

Gelatin Printing on Wood Letters

journaling with gelatin plate

Two of my gelatin printed journal pages and markers

leaves and feathers journal page

This is in my HUGE journal ... gelatin printing with feathers and leaves

Gelatin printing on framed tile (after prepping surface) and painted over with my birds stencil

I gelatin printed on tissue paper to make these eggs for a class I was teaching

This was a blank wooden frame I gelatin printed with a stencil

Digital scrapbooking page with a gelatin printed paper

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